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Gather Women, Give Bibles, Gift MTBS Curriculum, and Get Encouragement!

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A nonprofit is as strong as the community bonds within. Together, we may accomplish more than attempting our mission alone. Various ways exist to partner with us and support CMM's mission. Contact us to find out more about opportunities to pray for and disciple women of all ages and stages of life, including restoring from addictions, recovering from human trafficking, planning events, and sharing our message with friends and family. Know the Father's love through Jesus, Grow in Him, and Thrive by His Spirit.

Carolyn Marlowe Ministries

PO Box 160854, Boiling Springs, SC 29316, US


Love God Love Others

Your generous prayers, partnering, and donations support CMM in various ways:

  • Gather women of all ages and in all stages of life to know the Father's love.
  • Give Bibles to renew minds in scripture and grow in Him.
  • Gift MTBS Curriculum to restore women from addictions and human trafficking.
  • Get encouragement from our Community to thrive daily.  

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