Welcome to CMM Home Online, where we may get acquainted with one another. Carolyn Marlowe Ministries is a nonprofit (501(C)(3), offering three ways to know Jesus, grow in Him, and thrive by His Spirit. Here, you will find the transforming message, "Experience our heavenly Father through Jesus.  Grow our relationships with Jesus and others to thrive, not strive or just survive, but Thrive by His Spirit." Your hearts will be transformed by His Spirit. So, check out our Written Resources, Speaking and Teaching Venues, and Community. Carolyn Marlowe Ministries (CMM) offers the following:

1) Written Resources: We write,  design, and offer More Than a Bible Study (MTBS) Books, devotionals, and a blog to know Jesus and His Word. 

2) Speaking and Teaching Venues: Videos, MTBS Online events, MTBS In-person gatherings, and Speaking  at your women's event. 

3) A Community of Like-minded Women where we connect, belong, and strengthen one another day-to-day. In 1 John we find, if we live in fellowship with Jesus, we will long for fellowship with other Believers." Follow http://www.Facebook.com/CarolynMarloweMinistries/ Page and request to join More Than a Bible Study Closed Group. You won't be disappointed. 

Whether we connect through Written Resources, Speaking and Teaching Venues, or Community, expounding on scripture for rich content and relevant topics enhance our journeys with Jesus to joyful and exciting celebrations. 

My Journey

In my mid-twenties, I realized my depressed and defeated state of mind propelled my living less than God's best. While studying the Bible, His words leapt from the pages to refresh me with a desire to know the God of the Bible, to  renew some old patterns of thinking, and remove stony places in my heart. Jesus revealed my heavenly Father's love. While His Spirit crafted my soul, I started flourishing. Realizing mixing His Word with faith, made it possible to live the words. Keeping company with Jesus centered my life. Then, I found myself Living Greater>than Ever and wanted the same for others! 

Creativity surfaced. I studied interior design to establish an Interior Design and Decorating business. We designed and decorated homes and businesses with beautiful furnishings, colors, textures, lighting, and accents for thirty-five plus years.

After studying the Bible for decades and training under leading ministries, God led me to merge my Bible study and design skills to write, design, and offer MTBS books, devotionals, and a blog, to speak and teach His Word, and to form a community of thriving Believers. My message is, "Know Jesus, grow in Him, and thrive by His Spirit."  

Author of More Than a Bible Study books and Video Series:

  • Aim Your SIGHT: Setting Intentional God-Honoring Time
  • Express Joy: Whoever, Whenever, Whatever, Wherever
  • Savoring His Word
  • Rescued: His Faithful Love

Upcoming John's Writings Series (PDF downloads and Video Series): 

  • Living Greater>than Ever!: It's Your Life Revealed in John's Gospel-A 12-Week MTBS
  • Loving Greater>than Expected!: It's His Love Uncovered in John's Letters-A-7-Week MTBS
  • Looking for a Greater>than Ever Encounter!: It's Our Lord Revealed in John's Revelation-A 12-Week MTBS

Your Journey

For whatever reason our paths have crossed, I pray the Lord use every aspect of CMM to enhance your journey with Jesus to a joyful and exciting celebration! CMM's desire is to walk alongside and encourage women of all ages and in all stages of life, including women new in their walk with Jesus, women walking daily with Him, and women who seek to go deeper in their walk by His Spirit. Allow CMM to help you know Jesus better, grow a deeper relationship with Him and others, and live to thrive by His Spirit daily! 


Through Carolyn’s Bible Study, Express Joy, I’ve been able t let go of hurt and anger and forgive. A new door has opened for me and I choose to be a light and leave the darkness behind.

Meredith Kelley
    • Precept Ministry Bible Study Leader
    • CLASSeminar Alumna
    • Writing 4 Him Member
    • Sheffield School of Interior Design Alumna
    • Restoration School of Ministry
    • Wife to Kent. Mom of two daughters & sons-in-laws. Gigi to six adorable grandchildren.

My Family 

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