Carolyn's message transforms hearts. Acknowledged as a Wordsmith, Carolyn may use a play on words, use acrostics, synonyms, and lists in order to make each read easier to remember. Whatever words used, their purposes are to encourage you in the following ways:

* Know (Experience)  our heavenly Father's love through Jesus Christ.

* Grow in relationship with Him and other Believers.

* Thrive, not strive or just survive, by His Spirit. 

Redemption from Wandering Wonderings
Wandering to Wonder The mind too busy or wandering (roaming) all over the place sets a person’s life on a[...]
Are You Rushing into the Next Season?
Enjoying the season you are in now prepares you for the next season. As I swept more leaves and seeds[...]
Are You Creative?
Creative Do You consider yourself creative? You may immediately think of someone whom you consider  creative. I certainly think of[...]
Does Living Greater Than Ever Dwell in You?
 The Spirit who raised Christ from the dead, now dwells in you.    ~ Romans 8:11 paraphrase mine ~Those words[...]
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas! to you and your families! Live in the light of Life and shine the light of Christ to others[...]
Upside Down SIGHT
 Set Your SIGHT to See Right Side UpAre you living with upside down SIGHT (Setting Intentional God-Honoring Time)? Do you[...]
Today’s Transforming Truths
  Today's Transforming Truths I am Carolyn Marlowe here to inspire you in three areas: Seeking Christ Cultivating Relationships Awakening[...]
Remain in Freedom!
Freedom comes with a price! I have found that there is no freedom like freedom in Christ. I found such[...]
More Than a Bible Study
Oh how we needed fellowship!  Yet, we also need to know the God of the Word. An additional need to[...]
Have You Ever Tasted the Lord?
Taste and See as you Honor (Hallow) God "May the world see who you are and your name be kept[...]
Ten Timeless Truths for Powerful Prayer
The Following Quote Often Resurfaces in My Thoughts:   "To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than[...]
Surprises Appear Try asking, trusting, and waiting on the Lord about the little things - you may find surprises waiting[...]
Prayer Connects
What is prayer and why pray? One definition of what and the why of prayer is “Prayer is connecting with[...]
SIGHT Prayer Pattern
"Every time we pray, He wants to show us Himself and what He wants to do" Charles Stanley. Let’s focus on[...]
When You Pray
The following are a few excerpts from the first two chapters of SIGHT Prayer. These two chapters are basically instructions[...]
Prayer Honors God
What is prayer? Prayer is connecting with your Heavenly Father in an intimate relationship. Prayer is dialoguing with your “Daddy.”[...]

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