Aim Your SIGHT

(Setting Intentional God-Honoring Time)

What is your greatest challenge living as a Christian?
For many of us, it is setting intentional time with Jesus.
Then, to carry those prayer thoughts throughout the day.

To live as a thriving Christian without prayer is
no more possible than to see without SIGHT.

Do you need to Refocus diminishing SIGHT to see more clearly?
Maybe you need to Restore your SIGHT to see again?
Or, do you need to Receive fresh SIGHT
to spiritually "see" for the first time?​​

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then you need to Aim Your SIGHT!  This study will help you spiritually "see" Jesus, keep company with Him, and live in His rest! 

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Simplify your moments with Jesus. Use the 28-Day Target SIGHT Guide to aim for a prayer target thought each day. Then, keep company with Him. Watch your heavenly Father at work and live in His rest!

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What others are saying about Aim Your SIGHT

John Doe UI/UX Designer

I’m struck by the diversity of women joining Aim Your SIGHT. From all ages, races, and maturity levels in Christ, it’s great to watch God at work!”

~ Kelly Quinn ~

John Doe UI/UX Designer

An expectation building in you with the release of Aim Your SIGHT is My Spirit coming forth. I’m not calling you to anything ordinary, but to a movement of My Presence with you. This is unlike anything you have ever known. So, keep your eyes on Me, stay ready, continue looking to truly Aim Your SIGHT and expect My Presence to lead you and the women who participate.

~ Artie Quinn ~

This study has been such a blessing and I know I'm just gleaning the surface. I look forward to gracefully visiting the prayer guide over and over and using it to establish an easy rhythm in my keeping company with Jesus. The Holy Spirit is using it to help me grow and remember to look to Jesus, trust in Him and His abilities, and rest in His love and care for me.

~ Becky Barrett ~

I have been in church all my life and have never heard the things taught in Aim Your SIGHT. It's like I have never heard the scriptures you taught us. They have truly come to life. And, my life will never be the same.

~ Cindy Rollins ~

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