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  • Our Communities gather in person and online. CMM groups gather at live events, MTBS Groups gather on FaceBook and MTBS Online to know our heavenly Father and His love. 
  • We give Bibles to renew minds and grow in Jesus. 
  • We gift More Than a Bible Study Curriculum to heal hearts restoring from addictions and recovering from human trafficking. 
  • We get encouragement from one another to thrive by His Spirit daily.

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FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you in ministry outside the Church?

The most frequently asked questions about CMM is, "Why are you in ministry outside the Church?" Carolyn Marlowe Ministries (CMM) is a nonprofit women's ministry, alongside the church, reaching people who may gather outside the four walls of specific church buildings. We minister to churched women who are established in their walks with Jesus, along with those who are yet to establish their walks with Jesus and settle into a Church fellowship. CMM helps lay strong foundations for Christian Living. And, this is to Know the Father's love through Jesus, Grow in Him, and Thrive by His Spirit daily. 

What is your mission?

While in school, I studied to get by. Since I started studying the Bible, words have leapt from the pages into my heart to compel me to search for understanding and clarity, in order to live the words. When I learn fresh revelations from His Spirit, I am compelled to share. Teaching in the church has proven an honor for me for about four decades. And, I see no stopping. The story I share demonstrates how Holy Spirit gifted me with teaching as a Teacher to equip His people. 

Now, I ask, "What is your mission? What are your gifts He has given you to experience His life in and through you to others? I encourage you not abandon or neglect His gifts to you or in you. Or, your mission through you. But to excel and do greater works (your mission) by His Spirit's power planted and growing in you!   

What's the meaning of the letters next to the cross on your logo?

The cross is the cross painted inside the Garden Tomb, Israel where it is thought to be the tomb of our Lord Jesus Christ. I shot the image while visiting Israel. The cross is a reconstruction of the cross painted by the Byzantines on the original tomb wall. The symbols and letters mean, "Jesus Christ, Jesus, the Messiah, Alpha and Omega (The Beginning and the End." Revelation 22:13). 

Notice our new Website Design

I ask myself constantly, "What is going on with our website?" We are in the process of redesigning our website to help you gain a clearer vision of CMM and our mission to take the message to women of all ages and in all stages of life. By gaining a clearer vision and mission, more people may Know the Father through Jesus, Grow in Him, and Thrive, not just survive or strive, but Thrive by His Spirit daily. Sit back and stay a while to enjoy your time with us at CMM. 

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