Want to enhance your journey with Jesus to a joyful and exciting celebration?   

Find out how knowing Jesus and His Word are needed in our lives today, how growing in Him helps us thrive daily, and how belonging to community strengthens each of us day-by-day. Fall in love with being ALIVE! 

Carolyn has a passion for God’s Word and helping others understand it. Her ALIVE Recipe is a step-by-step instruction that will make the scriptures truly come alive for you.

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How can we encourage you to Know Jesus, Grow in Him, and Thrive by His Spirit? 

Choose from the various ways above and seize the opportunity to enhance your relationship with Jesus to a joyful and exciting celebration! Carolyn's message, "Know Jesus, grow in Him, and thrive, not strive or just survive, but thrive by His Spirit," leaps from the pages of her Written Resources, echos in her Speaking and Teaching Venues, and resonates with women in the More Than a Bible Study Closed FaceBook and Local Groups.

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